Embrace the traditions of Hmong culture, folk arts,
and heritage.

The Hmong Cultural Center Museum’s exhibits are open to the public. Engage with Hmong history, the richness of Hmong culture, and the legacy of major Hmong folk arts traditions.

Hmong History MN


Hmong Minnesota: Yesterday and Today

Explore the multifaceted facets of Hmong heritage in our immersive 30-panel exhibit, a collaborative effort between Museology Museum Services and Sieng Lee/Design Uake. Discover the stories of Hmong history, from the diaspora across the globe to the poignant tales of the Secret War in Laos. Gain insights into Hmong culture and their celebrations, Hmong New Year, and contributions of the Hmong community in Minnesota. 

Interactive exhibits Hmong Cultural Center


The Hmong Folk Arts Experience: An Interactive Exhibit

Experience traditional Hmong Folk Arts in this interactive, award winning exhibit. Listen to the melodies of the Qeej instrument and the traditional music played during Hmong ceremonies like weddings and funerals. Visitors can also enjoy the Ncas, two-string violin instruments, and sung poetry. Connect with these art forms through object displays, narrative display panels and interactive ipad stations. This exhibit was designed in partnership with Museology Museum Services and Design Uake/Sieng Lee and won a prestigious 2019 Minnesota History Award from the Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums.

Hmong Museum MN Exhibits


Hmong Cultural Artifacts Drawings by Seexeng Lee

Step into the world of Hmong tradition 14 sketch drawings that teach about important Hmong tools, musical instruments, and artifacts. These drawings serve as windows into the soul of traditional Hmong culture.

Hmong Cultural Center Museum MN Exhibits


Hmong Culture and Art Permanent Collection

Admire the intricate patterns and bold colors of Hmong clothing, jewelry, and clothing. Appreciate the meticulous detail of embroidered textiles as well as the symbolism behind their patterns. 

Hmong Embroidery Museum Exhibit


Hmong Embroidery Wall

 View the kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, each motif representing a unique aspect of Hmong identity and tradition.

Hmong Virtual Museum


Virtual Museum

Our virtual museum was developed during the pandemic and serves as an alternative option for those out of-state or larger groups.

Discover your neighbor’s story.